Date(s) - 01/20/2017
6:30 pm - 9:00 pm

Long Island University

Starting on the fourth Fridays of every month in January 2017, the Black TV & Film Collective will be hosting our newest event, Film Viewings and Discussions. Each week, we will screen up to an hour of shorts, and have intermittent discussions after each with the goal of reflecting on our own writing, producing, editing and directing techniques. Time permitting, we will always close out the night with a “just for kicks” question. We’ll be screening:
  • Festival-winning shorts
  • Member and affiliate (TVWS*) shorts
  • Episodes of acclaimed web series episodes
The theme of the first night will be Web Series night, where we will screen a couple of popular series, along with member series works.  Some questions we’ll discuss include:
  • What elements do you identify in the episodes that led to their huge success?
  • Do you feel like “going viral” is mainly up to chance, or do you think it can be controlled for?
  • Some web series/shorts have found success despite their low production value. We know EVERY element of film is SUPER important. But when you’re low or even zero budget, what element do you think needs the most focus in order to get a lot from a little?
  • What shortcuts to take and not to take on a zero /low budget budget shoot
  • The just for kicks question will be conceived based on the direction our discussions take
See you there!

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