The strength of the Black TV & Film Collective is best highlighted by our membership – an artistic and professional community
of individuals with the shared goal of telling great stories.

We are a growing collective of screenwriters, producers, directors, cinematographers, editors, actors, animators and all around creative storytellers.  Many of our collective members move their projects forward through the support of fellow members and the leadership team.

Get to know fellow members. It’s the best advice we can give you on maximizing your membership!

BCM Studios is a full-service, independent production company focused on creating digital media of the highest quality. BCM Studios is also dedicated to producing, acquiring and marketing music videos which inspire, uplift, and entertain audiences. BCM Studios spreads the word of the Hip Hop Culture across platforms of theatrical, television, and home entertainment, with extraordinary visuals. BCM Studios is comprised of a committed group of professionals who have an intense enthusiasm and devotion to film and other visual media, and a desire to work together to tell stories of significance. We seek to create unforgettable moments that remind others of our common humanity--to inspire, encourage, comfort, expose, challenge--and to bear witness in our works to the reality, the beauty, the excitement and the mystery of life. We aspire to produce films and videos that are a form of art--not merely to entertain, but to provoke emotion and reflection, incite action, and have long-lasting effects on those who experience them.
A Jersey girl with a passion for screenwriting and telling brown ppl stories <3
Music Supervisor
Production Assistant
For the last 10 years I have been a Production Manager and Stage Manager at the National Black Theatre. I had the opportunity to work on a number of films as Location Manager and Script Supervisor. I have wanted to go deeper and really commit to the art of Filmmaking and working on content and storytelling that I would like to see in the world. . My goal and desire is to keep learning all as I go and get more work and to strengthen my craft. I have been in the theatre as Wardrobe, Stage Manager, Props Master and Production Manager. Consultant with NY African Film Festival Inc., producing year round programs including the annual New York African Film Festival, co-presented with Film Society of Lincoln Center and Brooklyn Academy of Music.
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