The strength of the Black TV & Film Collective is best highlighted by our membership – an artistic and professional community
of individuals with the shared goal of telling great stories.

We are a growing collective of screenwriters, producers, directors, cinematographers, editors, actors, animators and all around creative storytellers.  Many of our collective members move their projects forward through the support of fellow members and the leadership team.

Get to know fellow members. It’s the best advice we can give you on maximizing your membership!

I am a Co-founder of the Black TV & Film Collective and New York City filmmaker. I got my start working in post- production and Community Theater in New York and received his MFA in writing and directing from Columbia College Chicago.
I'm a rounded artist that enjoys different voices in art. I'm screenwriter who has the ability to create strong, driven, passionate characters from the imagination. I can write in different genres, and I love to push projects forward and to exceed it's vision. I can also sing, dance, draw, design, cook, and I'm a personal trainer. I love fashion, and architecture I also have the talent for voice overs. I love John Lassetter production (Pixar animation) I can watch animated films all day. I have a very unique sense of humor. I also have completed several feature screenplays, one mini series, one feature film, and Co wrote a stage play, I don't believe in complacency, it drains energy. I love material with an assertive approach. I see us creative writers and artist as God's pens. We can create a scenario for a situation, an outcome, and it prevents others from the experience. I believe in team work and encouraging other's. But I love to create strong voices for women, especially black women because I believe, their image has been diluted and misconstrued. So, I only want to see those who's meant to win... Win. There has to be balance.
Hello! You guys can call me Kat! I am a new Intern at BTFC ! I am a Queens native Photographer/ Videographer creating Documentary stories. I am slowly moving towards filmmaking and incorporating my vision from stills to video. I attended ICP 2017-2018 and received a certificate for Documentary/ Photojournalism. Im here learning as much as I can with BTFC!
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