The strength of the Black TV & Film Collective is best highlighted by our membership – an artistic and professional community
of individuals with the shared goal of telling great stories.

We are a growing collective of screenwriters, producers, directors, cinematographers, editors, actors, animators and all around creative storytellers.  Many of our collective members move their projects forward through the support of fellow members and the leadership team.

Get to know fellow members. It’s the best advice we can give you on maximizing your membership!

Taj is a gifted screenwriter and VO artist for audio books, based in NJ. He is seeking to build connections with other writers and creatives. He wants to collaborate and gain more exposure and also build an artist community. He has a love of animals especially pigs and pitbulls as well as all things anime, horror films, and nonsense.
Production Assistant
I produce, edit, and shoot digital narrative films, documentaries and various media productions for creative businesses, arts organizations and independent artists. Experienced in film and video production from inception to completion. Ability to efficiently organize and coordinate production shoots. Experience with script analysis and providing input for necessary script changes. Proficient at writing and editing scenes, treatments and scripts. Experienced in using a variety of camera production equipment. Proficient in film and sound editing. I love storytelling, production and all things media-- documentaries, interviews, movies and television. Film has become a new passion I've dived into for the past couple of years. I am currently attending City University of New York at Brooklyn College at Barry Feirstein Graduate School of Cinema in Producing.
Actor / Screen writer /Playwright
I'm a Director, producer, often writer and comic relief, who recently moved to New York from Kingston, Jamaica.
Script Supervisor
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