Cinematography Workshop

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In this fun and focused workshop, cinematographers gain critical skills in camera operation and lighting setups. Broken down into exploration of working with the camera and an examination of lighting setups including film, commercial and glamour, we’ll get our hands dirty and rigging both the camera and lights.

Part One: Practical Lenses and Camera
  • Using manual lenses to understand the language of light
  • Basic f-stops, native ISO and shutter speed/angle
  • Camera rigging basics, sliders and tripods, and basic protocol
  • Basic language from a typical camera department
Part Two: Lighting Setups
  • Film (moody)
  • Commercial (high key)
  • Glamour (interview)

If you seek to enhance your cinematography, this is a workshop for you.

Seating is limited. All skill levels welcome.

A focused and fun workshop. No experience required and open to all.

Date: Saturday, April 28, 2018

Time: 10AM – 5PM

Location: The BTFC Office, 1080 Fulton Street, Suite 9, Brooklyn, NY

Seating is limited!

Instructor: Kahleem Poole (CINEMATOGRAPHER/DIRECTOR)

As a Cinematographer and Director, Kahleem Poole-Tejada began as a comic book illustrator, indie animator and in the game development field. Admiring the works of Ernest Dickerson, Marin Scorsese, Matthew Libatique, and Roger Deakins, he has married his soul to filmmaking, leading him to work in narrative films, commercials and as a post-production colorist. With additional passionate interests in E-Sports, Motorsports, martial arts and fashion, the flavor of his NY Bronx-bred-world reflects in every frame. From lens to post.

You can follow him on FB, Twitter or Instagram @kahl1one or on IMDB at


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