Hands On: Directing and Producing Weekend Workshop


In this weekend intensive, students gain critical skills in both directing and producing. Taught by both Rashaad Ernesto Green and Huriyyah Muhammad, both award winning filmmakers, workshop participants gain critical skills than will help them in making their next project.

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Hands On: Producing and Directing

Weekend Intensive

I. Day One: Directing
Saturday, March 10th
10AM – 5PM

Led by award-winning director, Ekwa Msangi, directors gain critical skills in directing talent. Broken down into exploration of working with actors and an examination of the scenes we all know and love, participants, Msangi prioritizes the active development of participants’ artistic, social, and critical point of view, while working in the context of fiction character-based narrative film.

Throughout the day, students will participate in the entire directing process. Work includes:

  • Research/directors breakdown
  • Basics of visual grammar
  • Hands on opportunities to direct actors

If you seek to enhance your skills directing actors, this is a workshop for you.

A focused and fun workshop. All skill levels welcome.

II. Day Two: Producing (Schedules & Budgets)
Sunday, Mar. 11th
10AM – 5PM

This one day intensive is focused on the creative producing process. Designed to introduce participants to the process of breaking down a script, and using that breakdown to then create a schedule. From there, participants will use their schedules to create a first pass at a budget for their films.

Throughout the day, participants will learn core elements that encapsulate scheduling, budgeting and mitigating risk. Other topics covered include:

  • Option agreements, location agreements and crew deal memos
  • Hiring key creative collaborators including additional producers, director and cinematographer
  • Casting
  • Post Considerations

Dates / Times: Saturdays, February 18th, 2pm – 7pm and Sunday February 19th, 10am – 5pm
Location: 115 W 29th St #1200, New York, NY 10001


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