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All My Friends Are Married

AMFAM is a quirky comedic web series with a blend of dry and physical humor. It highlights the joys, mistakes, hopes and pitfalls of being single & living in New York City. With tenderness, joy and irony we present the story of a women struggling to survive adulthood from her very imaginative point of view. This series captures the intersection where heaven meets earth; where adulthood and dreams force reality. It is here that faith, hope and love collides with bills, delayed promises and fears.

We think it’s hilarious and we think you will too.

KELOID is a supernatural drama about the evolving relationship between a mother and her teenage son. The story revolves around know-it all teenager ‘Keloid’, born with special abilities he neither wants nor is able to control. Season one focuses on Keloid desperately attempting to break free from his mother Marielle’s strong-willed, overprotective nature. Together they must find a way to survive his puberty, while maintaining secrets that keep them safe, and hiding from mistakes in their past that haunt them.

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ERA is a historical sci-fi series that tells the story of two naive scientists who discover a way to bring people back from the past, starting with African American heroine Harriet Tubman. Created by BTFC member Delaina Waldron, the series is directed by BTFC member Anthony Richards and stars BTFC member Crystal Joy. The first episode is now making its way through the film festival circuit.

Black & White

Black & White is a five episode fantasy web series that follows the day to day business of a Grim Reaper and Guardian Angel who share an apartment in Brooklyn, New York and cross paths with other supernatural characters as they intervene in the lives of the mortals they are tasked to deal with. This urban drama places mythological beings in modern social scenarios which makes for a clever and enticing comedy.

Black & White is written and directed by BTFC member Darian Jobity, produced by BTFC member Orrinne Norzil, other BTFC members collaborating on the project including Lajon Daniels, Jeremy Sample, and Tiana Bragg.


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