This week BTFC is giving you a throwback. Fly Guys Present The “F”  Word, is a silly comedy series starring Tone, DJB and enimaL, group members of a Hip Hop group in Los Angeles. Taking on the form of a reality show, with constant confessions from characters, viewers get a glimpse of what it’s like to be an artist trying to “make it”.

In the process we see they’re constant failed attempts to pick up women, debates on hooks and dances, and the ultimate question everyone needs to know…who is the actual star? They each have their own motivations for trying to become famous. DJB in particular says “My motivation, is bitches”. Written and directed by Issa Rae herself, it is interesting to see where she got her start before Misadventures of an Awkward Black Girl. In reality the Fly Guys were an actual band, with one of the members being Issa’s brother (Enimal).

They are each given specific characteristics, but what they all have in common is an unmistakable and often too strong dose of confidence. When attempting to pick up girls at the mall for instance, even when they were turned down by seven women, in their eyes that only meant that the next three would be a yes.

They build each other up in a brotherly manner as much as they make fun of each other . This series is a wonderful example of reality show spoofs done right. The show was very current for it’s time as well, discussing the most recent trends such as dance crazes like “The Dougie ” or “The Jerk”. Despite the production quality not being the best it could possibly, the quality of the writing and acting made up for it. This series gets a thumbs up from BTFC!

Check out Ep 1!

The characters seem to be very similar to the actual people playing them. With that said,  every episode drives viewers to love them even more. In each episode we get to understand a bit more about each characters personalities and intentions with the group. The only people they really compete with are one another.

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