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The Black TV & Film Collective offers a variety of programming to support our mission and desired vision for change in the entertainment industry. There is something for everyone so please come and experience transformational opportunities, education and community by joining our collective!


Black Producers’ Fellowship

(By Application, Members Only)

To amplify Black creative voices, provide an invaluable development opportunity for emerging professionals, and develop a pipeline of skilled Black producers primed for career advancement, The BTFC provides six emerging producers per cycle (Winter/Spring and Summer/Fall) with $25K production grants, in-kind support and critical mentorship as they develop and produce narrative short films inspired by the Black experience in America. This project is exclusively focused on producers because they create “make or break” opportunities for entertainment professionals in front of and behind the camera. Producers are lifetime job creators that impact diversity and inclusion with the projects they bring to the screen, and often have careers that end in the corporate boardrooms of the multinational corporations that create, distribute, and market content to the public in all forms.

Rising Writers Lab

(By Application, Members Only)

The BTFC Rising Writers Lab selects six writers per cycle (Winter/Spring and Summer/Fall) to guide through the often daunting process of preparing for and applying to the industry’s most competitive and prestigious writing fellowships including the WB Writers’ Workshop, the Disney/ABC Writing Program and HBOACCESS, just to name a few. Applying for these programs can be a very isolating experience, and The Rising Writer’s Application Lab is here to make sure applicants of color are not alone! Following an intensive bi-weekly schedule, the Lab assists participants in revising their original concepts, sharpening their scripts, and polishing the important personal and professional statements that are part of the application package. As with everything the BTFC does, the aim of this Lab is to raise the profile of talented creators in the industry and support them in reaching the next professional step of their careers.

Each One Teach One

(By Application, Members Only)

Each One Teach One (EOTO) is a referral-only, three-year mentorship exchange wherein Black television Showrunners mentor and develop other Black writers. Emerging writers are directly paired with Showrunners who provide critical mentorship and career navigation support. In a unique feature, these Emerging Writers are also paired to mentor less experienced aspiring writers just beginning their careers. All EOTO writers attend an Annual Summit that includes two days of learning and networking opportunities for professionals in all aspects of the industry including creators, representation, financing, and distribution of creative content. A critical aspect of EOTO is building and cultivating an ongoing networking culture to inspire all black writers to share information, mentor, hire, develop and produce projects together. We recognize that sometimes getting new writers staffed is the first step, but the much harder task is maintaining a job and moving up the ladder. Hence, the focus is on EOTO participants building sustainable careers, realistic businesses and production companies and strategies to promote longevity in the industry.

Office Hours

(Nominal Fee, For Members Only)

Remember back in the day when professors had office hours and you could just go in to ask a question or get some help? Well the BTFC doesn’t believe that learning ends with college or film school. Currently offered virtually once/month, Office Hours provide BTFC members an opportunity to exchange and collaborate with fellow Members who are experienced producers and filmmakers. During Office Hours these highly-qualified experts offer insight and feedback on projects in any stage of development and career advice and insight about how to successfully navigate difficult production and professional situations. Recent Office Hours hosts have included Hurriyah Muhammad, Okema T. Moore and London WIlliams. They are offered monthly.

The Download

(Open to All, Non-Members Pay a Nominal Ticket Fee)

Offered six times per year, The Download is a special virtual guest conversation series hosted by the BTFC featuring impactful filmmakers who provide insider knowledge to help Black creatives make their work. Through these conversations with industry veterans, The Download creates a forum for these industry veterans to pass on their wisdom and inspire the next generation of Black creators. These virtual sessions are open to all members of the BTFC community to view and submit questions. Recent guests on The Download have included Aaron Rahsaan Thomas and the editing team of A Black Lady Sketch Show.

The Speakers Series

(Open to All, Non-Members Pay a Nominal Ticket Fee)

Offered six times per year, The Speakers Series is a virtual moderated panel series hosted by the BTFC on topics of interest to our community including, but not limited to: Building Your Network (focused on directors), Writing the Pilot (for writers), Getting in the Room (for actors), etc. The series also features prominent Black industry professionals sharing their own journeys to success. Recent speakers have included Brett King, Cameron Squires, and Effie T. Brown.

The Online Work Date

(Free, For Members Only)

Powered by award-winning producer and director Letitia Gilllory, the Online Work Date offers time to get important work done and opportunities to connect with other Black and brown creatives. This virtual event is offered once/month throughout the year.

Data & Analysis

Hollywood Diversity Report

While the diversity on screen seemed to improve for nonwhite people and women, black people are completely underrepresented, especially when it comes to writers, directors and execs.

View Report

Color of Change Hollywood

Check out their reports on Race in the Writers Room and Crime TV. They will teach you about what it’s like in a writers room and why it’s important for black people to be included when telling stories involving our collective narrative.

Read More

Think Tank for Inclusion & Equity

Women in Film’s Think Tank for Inclusion & Equity is a coalition for all writers. Check out their Behind-the-Scenes report on inclusion and equity.

Read More

Representation for Black Writers

We conducted a survey of black WGA writers to see where black people have been represented at agencies and management companies.

View the Presentation


Charity’s List

(Open to All, Free of Charge)

Charity Miller is a TV Writer who for many years maintained an ad hoc list of qualified BIPOC support staff. She believes no one should ever say, “I just can’t find a Black support staff person,” ever again! Together we’ve streamlined Charity’s List into a database of Black support staff for your TV writers’ room needs.

View Charity’s ListFill Out the Form To Be Added to Charity’s List

Safe Spaces for Black People in LA to Create & Collaborate

Blackbird HouseThe Metaphor ClubHilltop Coffee & KitchenVector 90


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