EPIC Brawl – Full Script Reading (Invitation Only)

EPIC Brawl – Full Script Reading (Invitation Only)

Lend your eyes and perspective to BTFC member Rocio Mendez’s episodic script EPIC BRAWL, an action / sci-fi thriller written by Tim O’Leary, story by Rocio Mendez.

This is our 7th draft and just beginning our long distance journey but we definitely know it is time for actors to bring these words to life. We want to have wonderful people like yourself listen and give us your initial feedback and questions. We want this script to be 100% DOPE and everything it can be! I’m so grateful to have people like you to help us along the way!” – Rocio Mendez


A table read is crucial to a writer’s process. It provides the opportunity to hear dialogue in real time & get feedback from peers.

Synopsis: Spoofing Mortal Kombat and other fighter video games, Epic Brawl centers around an underground fighting tournament that is a lot deadlier than at first it seems. We’re introduced to the world of the tournament through the eyes of Riley, our everyman hero. Joining the tournament simply in the hopes of winning the prize money, he’s soon pulled into a plot to take down the evil supernatural boss, Seth Ramses, by our main heroine, Zee. Wackiness and gruesome, bloody, violent deaths ensue.

Style: Think Dungeons and Dragons meets Mortal Combat with a black family twist.

RSVP: As space is limited, by invitation only.

The event is finished.


Apr 22 2019


6:00 pm - 9:00 pm


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