FB LIVE Lunch & Learn: Pitch Expert, Squeaky Moore

FB LIVE Lunch & Learn: Pitch Expert, Squeaky Moore

Pitch expert Squeaky Moore blesses us for our next Facebook Live Lunch & Learn. 

Join us for a Facebook Live broadcast Mar 14th @ 12:15pm with pitch expert Squeaky Moore. We’re looking forward to a great conversation on pitching and the steps that Squeaky took along her journey of 100 pitches. Yes, we said 100 pitches. Pitches  to network executives, brands, sponsors and more. We’re going to talk about success and failure, common mistakes and will be sure to leave some time to answer questions you post as well.

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More About Moore

“One woman, many faces, one creator, many talents,” is how Squeaky Moore likes to describe herself. She is regarded as the pitch guru for independent content creators. Having been in the entertainment industry for over 20 years, Squeaky understands the business from every angle. Squeaky is an independent content creator, producer, director, writer, and actress. A mompreneur, she freelances as a development and pitching consultant and strategist. As a writer, director and producer, Squeaky’s mission is to enlighten, uplift, and inspire. Squeaky’s career path—one designed to artistically address socially conscious issues, invoke discussion for the greater good, to teach and inspire — lies at the very core of who she is, and is continually reflected in her work.

She recently authored a book for content creators after journeying to pitch her film and television projects 100 times. The book, #100Pitches: Mistakes, I’ve Made So You Don’t Have To, is a film and television pitching guide geared towards independent content creators and about her pitching journey, the do’s and don’ts of pitching television and film projects, with interviews from executives in development at networks, and production companies, and independent content creators who have bridged the gap from being independent to the big and small screens. Squeaky is currently on a book-release tour, where she is both workshopping directly from the pages of her book, and, moderating a panel of industry executives in each city she tours.



Mar 14 2018


12:15 pm - 1:15 pm