Producer’s Circle: Playing it Safe on Set

Producer’s Circle: Playing it Safe on Set

Producers are the caretakers of filmmaking, they keep us happy, fed and safe. Producers are natural nurturers and know how to adapt under any circumstance. Right now, as new on-set rules and regulations are put in place, we must stay informed to ensure that our projects keep moving forward.

Join us in this 3-part series outlining the recent safety measures for returning to set and reopening film & tv as decided by the DGA, SAG-AFTRAIATSE and the Teamsters.

We’ll discuss how Hollywood, NYC and independent producers are navigating Covid-19 post-quarantine rules.

RSVP to make sure you know before you go. Then read the whitepaper to see the detailed protocols to keep your set safe.


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Jun 25 2020


7:00 pm - 9:00 pm