The BTFC Pitch: Make Your Film, Webseries or Idea

The BTFC Pitch: Make Your Film, Webseries or Idea

The infamous BTFC PITCH SESSION is happening this February. We saw lots of work produced last year that was pitched that was first heard about in a pitch. Let’s open the year strong and get yours through production. If you need help with your production, want to hop on a crew, want to be cast in a project, you should be in the room.

Why pitch? That’s easy. Let’s say you have a script or even an idea that you are developing. But how do you take that script or idea and actually build momentum? How do you attract collaborators who will help to make it a reality? One of the best steps you can take, is to pitch. Pitch sessions are about coming together to hear what we all are working on, pitching new ideas, discussing our needs to begin and finish projects, and helping to make it happen.

So how do pitch sessions work at the Black TV & Film Collective? It’s simple…

The Black TV Film Collective Pitch SessionIt Starts With Intros

We start with a round of introductions. During this time, each member introduces him/herself and their experience level. We start intros at 6:45pm sharp. It’s extremely important to be there when the introductions start, especially if you are pitching. This gives you an opportunity to learn more about the people in the room. There may be a writer, producer, composer, cinematographer, etc who who would make the perfect collaborator. After the pitches are over, you want to speak to him/her, but you won’t know if you miss the intros.


Next We Pitch

Those who are ready to launch projects/or are looking for writing collaborators will have three minutes to pitch her/his idea to the room, with (if needed) an extra minute to mention above and below the line needs in terms of crew, locations, extras, support, phone calls, whatever. Members then get the opportunity to ask questions. Many times questions clarify or give pitchers an extra opportunity to convey what is great about their project.

Last But Not Least – We Network

Following all the pitches, we then break into an informal session of conversation. During this time, members who want to learn more about your project get a chance to speak to you, and you also can speak to members who possess those skills you need. Many members have launched their projects in the BTFC pitch session.

In the Process, We Eat (*pizza*)

We’ll order pizzas depending on the crowd.

We firmly believe that you don’t need money to make films, and creative projects, all you really need is friends. We can’t help you with your projects if we don’t know about them.

Let’s do it.



Feb 02 2018


6:30 pm - 9:30 pm


New BTFC Office
1080 Fulton Street, Suite 7 Brooklyn New York US