The Harlem Work / Writing Date

The Harlem Work / Writing Date

The Harlem Writing / Work Date…

Harlem’s in the house!  For a Writing / Work Date. What does this mean? It means bring your scripts, bring your program apps, bring your to do lists that need to get done…because it’s a work date. Also if attendees want to spend some time table reading pages, that will happen to. It’s the NEW Harlem Work Date.

Come out because isolation can pose a real threat to progress. As artists, we tend to prioritize everything about OUR ART. We make procrastination our friend and easily become professional stallers. Working and writing doesn’t have to be a solitary task. Join other writers and scribes from the Black TV & Film Collective and create more pages on your web series, narrative films or short screenplays.

Bring your laptop, pen, pencil, paper, or whatever writing tool suits you. Make sure your batteries are charged, literally and figuratively!

Writing / working on our projects can be a lonely and arduous endeavor. Help ease the difficulty of bringing ideas to life by committing to a person, date, and time and most importantly pen to paper. Making a date to work with other artists will help you stay on task with your projects.


Mar 09 2019


10:00 am - 12:00 pm


Langston Hughes House
20 E 127th St New York New York US