Fair Use and Copyrights: Legal Empowerment for Filmmakers

Fair Use and Copyrights: Legal Empowerment for Filmmakers

The Black TV & Film Collective and The Filmmakers Legal Clinic have partnered on a monthly series of Know Your Rights: Legal Empowerment for Filmmakers series.  Next up: a Mar 18th conversation on Fair Use and How to Legally Use Copyrighted Materials.

Fair use is a term that gets thrown around a great deal, but what exactly does it mean and how can you leverage it to make your life easier as a filmmaker? It is sometimes impossible not to capture trademarked or copy-written material content within the frame, so what’s a filmmaker to do? Don’t worry, the team from the Filmmakers Legal Clinic will be in the house.

During this chat they will break down exactly what fair use entails and when and how explicit permission is or is not required from copyright owners. Don’t miss this opportunity to work smarter not harder and meet the knowledgeable team from the Filmmakers Legal Clinic.

Hope to see you there!

Additional conversations in the series will happen in April! Stay tuned for more info on the series of legal empowerment sessions for our members.

About The Filmmakers Legal Clinic

The Filmmakers Legal Clinic (formerly the Indie Film Clinic) is a not-for-profit clinical program that provides free pro bono legal services to filmmakers producing narrative and documentary films and artists providing services in film.

About the Black TV & Film Collective

The Black TV & Film Collective is a 501c3 development and production hub with a simple mission: to create career advancing opportunities for Black and African Descent artists to achieve financial sustainability within the entertainment industry.

We provide critical production support enabling members to build a strong body of work, supplemented by workshops and labs focused on craft development and networking events to foster relationship building.

There is power in numbers and together there is unlimited potential in what we can achieve.

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