Screenwriting Lesson One: Building Blocks of Story

Screenwriting Lesson One: Building Blocks of Story

Lesson One in the BTFC Screenwriters: Lessons for Screenwriting series focuses on the Building Blocks of Story.

Led by BTFC member Laura Fielder.

During the month of April, we’re offering online screenwriting lessons led by BTFC members Laura Fielder, Rodra Burruss and Letitia Guillory. Over the course of April we are exploring a variety of topics from the basics like building blocks of a screenplay to the more advanced like structure and breaking story.

Here’s a clip from one of our favorite screenwriters: Tina Gordon. In the clip below she shares her process for writing:

Wherever you are on your screenwriting journey, check out this series.

Also if you have pages you’d like table read, send us a note to [email protected] and we will help put together a reading!

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April Schedule:

All online – to participate in the entire series, please be sure to register for each screenwriting lesson session.

Lesson 1: Wednesday, 4/8 @ 7pm: The Building Blocks of a Screenplay

Next Up – Lesson 2: Wednesday, 4/15 @ 7pm: Crafting Compelling Dialogue

Lesson 3: Wednesday, 4/22 @ 7pm: Structure and Breaking Story

Lesson 4: Wednesday, 4/29 @ 7pm: Writing is Re-Writing How to Tackle Rewrites

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Apr 08 2020


7:00 pm - 8:30 pm